My sex bud’s back

May 10, 2014 § 4 Comments

Many apologies for my lack of posts over the last few weeks. This is mainly due to Frank having been out of Rome, and therefore I’m actually using my time productively and haven’t had time to wash my hair, let alone write an article (one that doesn’t actually involve an English nanny for once). But here we are back once more, as with the return of Frank comes the return of my sex life in Italy, something we all know and love.

We had been messaging during his trip, and somehow couldn’t find time to fit each other in upon his return. My frustration levels were running dangerously high, so I made a quick fix with a little trick I like to call ‘Pretend-you’re-steaming-drunk-on-a-Tuesday-so-it’s-vaguely-more-acceptable-to-send-completely-filthy-texts’. This worked like a charm. Not a minute after I’d sent the downright indecent texts I received a reply:

“I really don’t care what your plans are. Tomorrow I’m coming to pick you up and take you back to mine”

Well, if you insist.

I only had an hour free before I had to work, so we wasted no time with idle chit-chat. His return from England involved bringing his motorbike here, so my commute to his has been drastically reduced, and now I can straddle his leather clad back in a public setting. Everybody wins!

The reunification did not disappoint. There was very little talking involved, so I’ve no idea how his trip went really and he hasn’t been caught up on my happenings since he left. Sure, it’d be nice to actually have a conversation with the guy, but sometimes I think it can be easier this way. I’ve got my friends for that. At the moment, Frank’s role in my life is a sexual one, and perhaps it’s just less complicated to leave it there; not to involve him unnecessarily in other aspects.

I’m still torn about the situation, but I have a feeling that my mind will be made for me when I leave in just a few months time. I guess all I can do before that comes is enjoy myself.


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