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November 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

So here’s a first: Sex via Skype. Similar to phone sex but the dimensions are a little different… as they can see you. With phone sex you could be no makeup, in your pjs, pulling your ugliest orgasm face, but as long as you’re still moaning into the receiver it’s all fine and dandy. But when you’re on camera you have to look good too (damnit, bloody society).

It’s not entirely different to sex in that case, right? Except that you have nothing physical to work with, other than your partner’s aggressive wanking expression on the screen. See, usually you can just shut your eyes and ignore how weird guy’s faces are during sex, but fucking video chat goes and kills that little option.

It did feel kinda like being a porn star, which I guess is a fun fantasy in itself, although internet glitches = not sexy. The first time we had to finish on the phone due to technical issues, but the second time I was drunk, and feeling much more loving toward the camera. A little alcoholic lubrication and I’m the next Sasha Grey. Not gonna lie, it was pretty fun.

As with everything sex, when you get into it and think less about it, you have a much better time. So with the help with my good-friend vodka, I was reigning Frank’s computer screen with ease. It’s not at all hard to get guys off, is it? Just show them some genitalia and they’re half way there. Whereas, generally women need a little more than that. As much fun as I was having, it was much more about the thrill of being a pretend porn star, than seeing him touching his junk. I can get as much of that shit as I want on Omegle (although Frank’s particular brand of junk is quite a spectacle to behold, it must be said).

As an experience I’d certainly do it again, but the pleasure definitely came from his getting off, whereas his came from a more visual place. I realise this raises all sorts of societal issues and gender divides, but in the end it was just good fun to get naked over video chat.

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