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December 21, 2014 § 2 Comments

Last night was a society social at Klaus’ house. I’d promised myself I wouldnt drink because I’d already been wrecked 3 nights in a row (it’s Christmas, ok?), yet there I found myself, finishing my third bottle of red in two days. (It’s only recently come to my attention that I sound like the world’s biggest alcoholic in this blog, I assure you it’s under control. *cries into merlot*)

It’s been about a week since the cheating with Klaus incident occurred. He’d spoken to his girlfriend, who’d freaked out and they split. This brought me zero satisfaction whatsoever. I realise it’s about their relationship and not about me, but I can’t help but feel partly responsible for his unhappiness. I don’t know her at all, but I hate causing people pain in any form and no matter what my feelings for Klaus are I never wanted anyone to get hurt. I suppose there always exists some pain in love and relationships. Still doesn’t stop it from sucking balls.

He’d spoken to me a few days later, telling me about the break-up, that it was in no way my fault, and that he didn’t want to jump straight into another relationship, but be single for a while. He’d been with her over a year, his longest relationship by far, and I couldn’t agree with him more that now would be the time to be by yourself for a bit.

I dealt with the situation pretty badly. I’m normally fairly self-controlled, but I was literally obsessing over this guy. I couldn’t get anything done because he was just constantly on my mind. I’d replay our kisses over and over and nothing seemed to shake his image from my head. I knew I was being completely ridiculous, and my rational side kept telling me what an idiot I was being. Of course he bloody needs to be single, leave the poor boy alone.

This illogical inner demon tormented me to such extents, that the few times I had to see him again in a social context this week I freaked out, and (probably completely unsubtly) avoided him at all costs. I couldn’t fucking look at the guy. What the hell is wrong with me? I knew it would pass, but this was some intense shit. I’m not sure if it’s because I knew we liked each other but still couldn’t have him? Whatever the reasoning, there was some chemical imbalance shit going on, I can’t be dealing with this.

Of course it lessened, but he was still a pretty constant distraction, and last night was a party at his. I had to go. How could I not?

A few glasses of red in me and I felt much less uncomfortable in his presence. We were managing to behave completely normally around each other, with only the slightest sexual tension (but hey, what’s life without a little anticipation in the atmosphere?). Eventually our group socializing turned into a one on one discussion.

After a few of us had relocated to the bedroom, I became more and more impatient to get him by himself. We eventually found ourselves alone in the corridor together, where the desire was palpable.

“What?” he asked, smiling.

We drunkenly stumbled against the wall together, our kissing quickly becoming heated. The bedroom crowd all came out at that moment and giggled as they scurried past us. Slightly embarrassed, we took our passion to the now empty bedroom.
Ignoring the drunken ramblings from the other side of the locked door, it was actually a very fun night. I’ve never laughed so much in bed with anyone, a quality I wouldn’t usually associate with good sex, but I’ve never enjoyed drunken sex quite so much. It was a little awkward, but in a funny, totally comfortable way. I drunkenly fell off the bed within the first five minutes and it probably took another ten before either of us could stop laughing and start kissing again.


It’s different. But in a way I completely adore. I adore him. And it’s only been a few days. I have to keep catching myself because this is much easier for me, not having just come out of a lengthy and serious relationship, but it seems as though he feels the same way. Christmas is coming at a good time, I think, because it means we won’t be able to see each other for a good couple weeks and we can both think about things.
I don’t want to jump the gun, but things feel so good with him, so right.

I guess we will have to see after Christmas…

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Dating Advice

February 27, 2014 § Leave a comment


Hey guys,

For those of you that are interested in dating and sex advice, I write articles for a website called Singles Warehouse (the world’s biggest dating blog!). They have some great stuff on there and I’d love it if you checked out some of my posts. Here are some links to a few of mine!

Do Mature Men Exist

Do Mature Men Exist?

I Have A Crush On Him, Now What?

How To Play Hard To Get With A Guy You’ve Already Slept With

How to Play Hard to Get With A Guy You've Already Slept With

Big love.

Sexy (anti) Valentine’s Giveaway!

February 8, 2014 § 6 Comments

Ok guys, so being a free wordpress blog, you understand we can’t use javascript so Rafflecopter is unfortunately out of the question. But I really wanted to host a Valentine themed giveaway, because I fucking hate this holiday and wanted everyone to have something to look forward to on the day, rather than dread the tumult of disgusting couple-ness that’s headed in our direction.


Rules are simple: I have a super secret ANTI valentine’s prize to send to one lucky winner. In order to enter you need to…

1 – Follow this wordpress blog

2 – Follow my twitter @youngloveorlack

3 – Leave a comment

And optional extra 4 (for a bonus entry) – tweet about the giveaway (post the link to your tweet in the comment)


The giveaway ends at midnight on the 14th Feb!

Good luck everyone (And be bloody grateful, as I’m shipping from Rome!)


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The Liebster Award

January 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

So I’ve recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by RachelWilliams94! She writes a very good blog about life as a student, very varied posts about an array of topics, please check out her blog: http://rachelwilliams94.wordpress.com/

This award is for new bloggers to encourage the discovery of new blogs as well as allowing yours to be discovered!


The rules are as follows:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 11 questions given my the person who nominated you
3. You must nominate 11 of your favourite blogs and give them 11 of your own questions to answer
4. You can’t nominate back the person who nominated you … and finally …
5. Make sure you let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them by sending them a message!

And although it’s not my usual content, and I shall soon get to the all important matter of my date last night.. I thought it only polite to complete the questions set for me as a newbie to the world of blogging, and you get to find out a little about me in the process!

1. What is your favourite make-up brand and why?

I’m a big fan of Dr Hauschka. Although their stuff can be a little on the pricey side it lasts forever and gives such a natural yet classy look!

2. What is your favourite TV show?

I tend to watch a series the whole way through and then never return, unless it’s a classic that’s constantly on tv like Friends or How I Met Your Mother. I was a big fan of House when it was around, and more recently have been watching the fantastic Breaking Bad episodes.

3. What is your most rated album of 2013?

It was originally Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend, although I slightly felt it didn’t measure up to some of their other stuff. For me ‘Arc’ by Everything Everything was flawless and I never tire of it!

4. Why did you decide to start a blog and what do you prefer to write about?

My blog is a dating blog! As I’m sure many of you have figured out using your skills of deduction.. I’d been wanting to write one for a while, as I find writing about these experiences so incredibly therapeutic. It was actually a friend of mine who convinced me to do it after she started her own beauty blog that became quite successful!

5. What is your favourite mascara?

I’m probably very naive in this area but I find mascara to be a product that’s almost exactly the same no matter which one you buy.. I am currently using MaxFactor False Lash Effect.

6. What are your most visited websites?

I’m a bit of a social media junkie, so Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook etc. I’ve even recently started using TweetDeck to manage my multiple accounts!

7. What do you prefer running, cycling or walking?

Always been into my running, I’m excited to try some new routes around Rome! Although walking has always been a lovely pastime.

8. Would you describe yourself more as outgoing or a bit shy and introverted?

I am actually a bit of an introvert, in that I really enjoy my own company, but it is also equally important for me to have good friends around and I’m still a big fan of going out!

9. Where is your favourite place to shop?

Not gonna lie, I’ve found some of my favourite pieces of clothing in charity shops. I’m incredibly tightly strung when it comes to spending money on clothes!

10. Name your favourite place in the world.

Dull as it may seem, it would probably be Italy! Hence my being here..

11. Where would you like to visit in the future and why

I’d love to see some more of Asia. I’m going to Viet Nam with a friend in August, but I’d love to see Japan or China someday.

Now to complete this award I must nominate my own select few newbie-bloggers and come up with my own set of questions for them! Being a dating blog the questions will be that way inclined…

1. What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

2. Ever been in love?

3. What made you start your blog and what is it about?

4. Do you have a type of guy/girl you go for?

5. Where would your perfect romantic evening take place?

6. Have you ever used online dating?

7. Are you currently in a relationship?

8. Are you a procrastinator?

9. What’s your occupation?

10. Who was your first kiss?

11. If you could be doing anything in the world right now, what would it be and why?

And my nominees are:












Enjoy guys! Thanks for the nomination!

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